A little more about Cuckoo Designs

Since starting this venture in 2019, my passion for renovating furniture, whatever the era, has taken over my life. I love what I do.

I am passionate about bringing out all the features of every piece of furniture. I have applied the same techniques to walls, Fridge Freezers, Mirrors. In fact – anything that can be painted!

My motto is … don’t stand still too long, especially when I have a paintbrush in my hand 🙂

Updated - Not Shabby Chic

My work and aim is to produce individual pieces that won’t be repeated.  Not only do I use the best quality paints, I can also cover any project with a totally new finish like the Crocodile texture that was hand applied on one of my pieces.

Every project I undertake is lovingly painted, top-coated and waxed.

All Tables will have an armour, waterproof topcoat. This extends the lead time to 21 days as this needs to cure.


Take a look through my Gallery then contact me to discuss your ideas.

Lounge, Bedroom, Children’s Furniture, Garden Furniture, Fireplaces, Mirrors, even Lighting can be updated.

Breathe new life into your loved furniture!

Cuckoo Designs History

Up to 1997, I was married to Paul Barson, a time served Master Carpenter, and spent hours watching over his shoulder while he worked building furniture, kitchens, anything with wood really.

After my husband died in 1997, I had to start using those little skills that I’d picked up. The rest is History.

Obviously, some of his techniques stuck with me, so I have been able to do a lot of DIY on my own, and I enjoy the achievement.

Here I am today with a passion for furniture without breaking the bank and in the last 12 months I have spent more and more time learning and practising new techniques so that what I produce is completely unique.

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